These are all the best places I can find for the solutions on phoenix and elixir in general.

Elixir Status

Here, there will be updates of any new projects,developments and posts related to elixir!

Elixir Status

Configuring phoenix with Webpack rather than Brunch

React people like webpack since it goes really well with all of it’s modules with minimal setup.This explains how to replace brunch with webpack

Automatically Building Your Phoenix Assets With Webpack

Using Webpack with Phoenix and Elixir

Dockyard Articles Exlir and Phoenix

Some of these articles are written by Chris McCord who wrote phoenix framework and maintaining it.

Articles on Phoenix

Articles on Elixir

Setting up Elm with Phoenix

Elm is elixir for frontend and they both go along really well.This is a 3 min read article about how to mix and match both together!

Setting up Elm with Phoenix

Elm, Phoenix and Webpack

This really helps boost your project setting up elm,phoenix and webpack.

Using Webpack with Phoenix and Elm

Building Trello clone with Phoenx and React

Trello clone with Phoenix and React

High Performance Browser Networking

Post Reads

Elixir Posts

Learning Elixir Blog

Learning Elixir Blog

Learn Elixir Blog

Learn Elixir Blog

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