This is the first time I have laid my hands on Unity.I got to admit that I never got my hands dirty in developing games although while working in my previous company i.e., HT Media,I have tried develop my basic skills using Cocos 2D in Lua,familiar neither in language nor the framework.That time I learner basics of lua from the Sample Project that comes with Cocos and created a box 2D game simulation which was not a pretty one but did have all the physics concepts and collision simulations done!

Now coming to Unity,this is very easy to use compared to Cocos since the interface editor will give you enormous utilities that are very complex to apply in code for every object assosciation we need to do eliminating all the extra hardwork we need to do and just letting you concentrate on the game part.It also comes with sample project and various tutorials of real games using free assets.It got an asset store where developers bring up some awesome assets for your game.Although most of them are paid,the free one’s are also very good for building small games and who knows you can even develop pretty good games with those too.

I have followed the tutorial series of Space Shooter and developed the game from scratch.I have implemented mobile controls on top of it additional to the series.Although it is fundamental,the development of the entire game just took me two days and I can get the source in Android Studio Project for further development or any other platform and can build for deployment with a single click for various platforms.

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